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Any teeth that you have lost might be substituted with a dental implant. A titanium metal root is placed in the jawbone. The implant anchors the replacement tooth to the jawbone.

This is not something that is likely to be performed by emergency dentists because it is a fairly lengthy procedure. The best plan of action would be to visit your dental surgery and talk through your predicament with your dental practitioner.

Unlike therapies such as veneers or teeth whitening, placing a dental implant is not a cosmetic procedure, the truth is it’s quite a complicated process.

Who Will Benefit From Dental Implants?

Where patients have lost a tooth, in most instances, an implant is the ideal treatment. Age will not be a restriction, as long as the patient’s jaw bone has stopped developing. This generally occurs at the age of 18 for boys and 16 for girls.

Regardless of whether you have lost a tooth, as the result of an injury to your jaw, a tooth defect or disease, an implant is absolutely a therapy to think about.

The the best recommendation at this stage is to take time to discuss everything through with your dental practitioner before deciding on the next step.

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Why Dental Implants Seem Sensible

A dental implant might be used to fill the gap left in case you have lost a tooth. The metal titanium may be used to create a replacement root which is then screwed into the patient’s jaw. A replacement tooth can then use this as an anchor to be held in place.

Certainly not a cosmetic therapy including teeth whitening or veneers, they give a lifetime substitute solution after the loss of a natural tooth.

An emergency dentist is unlikely to carry out this treatment if you lost a tooth as the result of an accident. His job is to handle the immediate problems and reduce the pain and chance of any infection after an accident. In most cases you will visit your local dental surgery and talk about the next step with your dentist.

Dental Implants – Who Needs Them?

There really are no age restrictions when the person’s jaw bone has ceased developing. In girls this occurs around the age of 16 and for boys this is more prevalent at the age of 18.

If you have lost a tooth the best replacement solution is commonly a dental implant. Losing that tooth through an injury, illness, decay or a defect in the way that the tooth sits, can all be dealt with very successfully by using an implant.

You should always make an appointment to determine your dental practitioner before making any final conclusions on your therapy. He can explain all of the options accessible to you and give you his best advice.

If you are in Mukilteo WA, we can provide you with a basic rationalization on how these dental implants really work.

You’ll find it almost not possible these days to see any difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant. The substitute tooth is highly likely to outperform the natural tooth that it replaces, looking and functioning much better than the original. A far better option in this area than anything else accessible such as dentures, a bridge or just leaving an unsightly gap where the old tooth used to be.

You’ll find other alternatives to the dental implant such as using a bridge or dentures.

They will definitely cost less initially but when you then think of the maximum life of a bridge or denture is going to be between 5 and 7 years, you must work out how several more times you will need to go through both the discomfort and the financial outlay over a life time.

And each time replacement is required it would be a pretty fair bet that the expense will continue to rise.

A dental implant, if taken care of appropriately, will last you a life time. So in the long term will typically prove to be the most cost-effective alternative.

The health of your jawbone is a crucial concern that is typically ignored after the loss of a tooth.

Once you’ve lost a tooth it is easy to comprehend which you might think of to leave the gap. However, if your jawbone is no longer acting as a support for teeth the health of the underlying bone will suffer.

Then what will happen in a period of time is that the jawbone by itself can degrade and suffer damage. A potential serious future problem that could be easily averted.

Boosts to the self confidence and esteem of patients turns out to be yet another lengthy benefit.

You can find that you are able to eat many different food types that anybody with dentures or a bridge would not think of to attempt.

Another advantage is that you will not have to endure several of the embarrassing speech impediments that those with dentures experience. You’ll be able to talk with the same self-confidence that you would have if all of your teeth were natural.

Smiling will once more be something you look forward to as the physical appearance of your teeth will be greatly improved.

Your teeth are such an important part of your overall appearance. The appearance of your teeth is going to leave an impression each time you open your mouth, whether it be to speak, to smile, to drink, or to eat.

A dental implant is the ideal option to repair the damage done by a loss tooth.

Undoubtedly the best in terms of appearance, comfort and ease of use, generally it also proves to be the most cost-effective option.

Don’t you deserve the best?

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