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In recent years we have observed several improvements in the field of dentistry. Dental implants as a substitute for lost teeth are one such example.

1st of all, using the metal titanium, an anchor or substitute root is created. Then in the gap with a natural tooth used to be the substitute root is screwed in the person’s jawbone.

Fusing with the jawbone the titanium root will form an anchor for your replacement tooth that lasts a lifetime.

If you lost your tooth as a result of an accident this is too serious a approach for an emergency dentist to carry out.

The emergency treatment will concentrate on relieving pain and reducing any risk of infection. Then you must make an appointment at your dental surgery to discuss long-term therapy with your dental practitioner.

To be clear, it isn’t a form of cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening or veneers, although in most circumstances you will certainly see an enhancement in the appearance of your teeth.

Dental Implants – Who Needs Them ?

It goes without saying the 1st piece of advice must be to make sure that you discuss everything with your dental practitioner before making any decisions. They will likely be able to assess your current situation, take into account what you want to achieve with your treatment and then give their best advice as to the root to take.

The best long term substitute alternative will likely be a dental implant, however you came to lose your teeth. Age will not be a bar to this work as long as the patient’s jaw bone has finished growing. This generally takes place around the age of 18 for boys and girls a couple of years earlier at 16.

If you are in Poulsbo WA, we will give you a simple description on how these dental implants work.

It’s virtually not possible to tell any difference between a dental implant and a natural tooth these days. It is particularly likely that the substitute tooth will feel better, look better and behave much better than the original natural tooth. A far better alternative in this area than anything else accessible like dentures, a bridge or just leaving an unsightly gap where the old tooth used to be.

Your implant is a life time option thanks to the high quality of the materials used in its construction. Long lasting and robust by design your implant will deal with everything that a natural tooth can and remain looking great and feeling comfortable.

A bridge or denture may provide a less expensive initial alternative, however by the time you factor in the substitute expense every five to seven years over the rest of your lifetime, the implant in the vast majority of conditions turns out to be more cost-effective.

It’s a lesser-known fact that once a natural tooth has been removed the jawbone that it was attached to will start to weaken.

In case you have lost just one tooth or maybe even two, it would be easy to comprehend if you thought you could just leave the gap and that you would soon get used to it.

Not lots of of us would have thought that this posed a lengthy threat to the long-term health of your jawbone, would they?

Due to fusion between the titanium root and the jawbone, the bone is encouraged to grow stronger.

One of the most obvious results noticed after a dental implant is the massive increase in confidence and self-esteem of the patient.

When you consider the many advantages of this therapy it isn’t hard to understand why it takes place.

For example, one of the other choices available to treat the loss of the tooth is to have a denture installed. Finding a great fit with your denture is very hard to do and so typically they will move a little.

Eating hard or crunchy food can then become an awkward and awkward job.

The movement brought on by improperly fitting dentures generally causes awkward speech issues. We have probably all seen at some time a comedy routine based around the clicking noise that is associated with the wearing of dentures, or a comical image of the dentures in a glass on your bedside table.

Anybody’s self-image who wears dentures would take a battering from this.

Dental implants have none of these failings. As long as they are fitted appropriately and then cared for and looked after you’ll never experience any issues including these.

Whatever you want to bite into, wherever you should be heard, your dental implants will match the performance of a natural tooth and in most scenarios will go way beyond that.

You will also find that the appearance of your teeth will be significantly improved and which will further help improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Nobody would dispute how essential our teeth are to our overall physical appearance. Opening your mouth to smile, to speak, to eat or to drink will leave an impact each and every time.

If you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, then a dental implant is the ideal option to make good the damage already done.

Not only is it the most cost-effective solution in the long run but it’s also the best in terms of comfort, appearance and ease-of-use.

Don’t you deserve the best?

If you want more information regarding Dental Implants, we are able to help out, if you happen to be in Poulsbo WA.