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In recent years we have seen a lot of improvements in the field of dentistry. Dental implants as a substitute for lost teeth are one such example.

An anchor or root is manufactured from titanium and then placed in the jawbone of the patient where the tooth used to be.

This titanium root will the truth is fuse with the jawbone to form a lifelong anchor for your substitute tooth.

If you lost your tooth because of an accident this is too complicated a approach for an emergency dental practitioner to carry out.

It’s more usual to make an appointment at your dental surgery so that you can discuss about long-term work further with your dental practitioner. The emergency work will focus on the relief of pain and reducing the risk of any infection.

To be clear, it is not a form of cosmetic work including teeth whitening or dental veneers, although in most instances you will absolutely see an improvement in the appearance of your teeth.

Who Are Dental Implants For?

Before anything else you need to sit down with your dentist and talk everything through. They will probably be able to assess your current conditions, take into account what you want to achieve with your treatment and then give their best advice as to the root to take.

Regardless of the cause of your lost teeth, jaw injury, decay or illness in the tooth, a great long-term option would be a dental implant. Age will never be a bar to this treatment as long as the person’s jaw bone has finished developing. By the age of 18 in boys and 16 in girls you will usually find that the jawbone has finished developing.

If you are in Medina WA, we can easily provide you a straightforward explanation on how these dental implants can help you.

The closest thing to a genuine substitute tooth. It is extremely hard to find out any difference between a natural tooth and a substitute implant. In lots of scenarios your substitute tooth will perform better than a natural one. There’s anything that a natural tooth can perform that your substitute cannot. There’s no way that you might fail to be astounded by the look and feel.

Due to the high-tech materials used this is an alternative that will last so long as you do. Long lasting and tough by design your implant will handle anything that a natural tooth can and remain looking good and feeling comfortable.

You can find other cheaper replacement choices such as a bridge or denture is but when you consider that you will need to replace these every 5 to 7 years the implant usually turns out to be more cost-effective.

It’s a lesser-known fact that once a natural tooth has been removed the jawbone that it was attached to will start to degrade.

It will likely be completely understandable if after losing a tooth or maybe even two, that you imagined that you might just get used to it and not bother with a replacement.

would you have imagined that this may pose a threat to the health of your jawbone at some point in the future?

The titanium root in your implant will fuse with your jawbone and this encourages further growth an improvements to its strength.

Boosts to the self confidence and esteem of patients proves to be yet another major benefit.

You could find that you are able to eat several different food types that anybody with dentures or a bridge would not think of to attempt.

Another advantage is that you’ll not have to endure several of the embarrassing speech impediments that those with dentures experience. You will notice no distinction in your speech, you will sound the same as if all your teeth were natural.

With the obvious improvement in the physical appearance of your teeth you will once again be confident that your smile is as natural as anyone’s.

Your teeth are such an important part of your overall appearance. The appearance of your teeth is going to leave an impression each time you open your mouth, whether it be to speak, to smile, to drink, or to eat.

A dental implant is the best alternative to repair the damage done by a loss tooth.

Undoubtedly the best in terms of physical appearance, comfort and ease of use, in most scenarios it also turns out to be the most cost-effective alternative.

If you can afford it, don’t you deserve the best?

We’re able to offer you more info on Dental Implants, if you’re in Medina WA.