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In recent years we have seen many improvements in the field of dentistry. As a substitute for lost teeth dental implants would be an excellent example.

With the use of titanium, an anchor or root is manufactured and then affixed to the jawbone of the patient where the natural tooth used to be.

Fusing with the jawbone the titanium root will form an anchor for your substitute tooth that lasts a life time.

If you lost your tooth because of an accident this is too complicated a procedure for an emergency dental practitioner to carry out.

The emergency work will concentrate on relieving pain and reducing any risk of infection. Then you must make an appointment at your dental surgery to discuss long term treatment with your dental practitioner.

Undoubtedly not a form of cosmetic work like teeth whitening or dental veneers although generally you will certainly see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your teeth.

Dental Implants – Who Needs Them ?

It goes without saying the 1st piece of advice must be to make sure that you discuss everything with your dentist before making any conclusions. Based on their assessment of your current condition, taking into account the results you are hoping for, they will be able to give you the best recommendation.

Whatever the cause of your lost teeth, face injury, decay or disease in the tooth, a great long term solution will be a dental implant. As long as the person’s jaw bone has finished developing there are no age restrictions on this treatment. By the age of 18 in boys and 16 in girls you will typically find that the jawbone has finished growing.

If you are in Everett WA, we could provide you a basic explanation on how these dental implants do the trick.

Today you would be hard pressed to see any difference at all between an implant and a natural tooth, the quality of the implant being so high. In lots of scenarios you could find that your replacement tooth can perform even much better than a natural one. There’s nothing that you can perform with a natural tooth that your implant cannot. Where the looks and the feel of the implant are concerned you will definitely notice an improvement in the look of your teeth.

Other alternatives of replacement do exist and include a bridge or dentures.

You have to balance the lower initial cost of these alternatives against the fact that they will need to be replaced every five to seven years. That not only means lots of further expense in the years ahead, but it also means that you should go through the replacement process a lot of times as well.

And each time substitute is required it will likely be a pretty fair bet that the cost will continue to rise.

In the long run, taking into account the fact that if looked after properly the dental implant will never need replacing, it typically proves to be the most cost-effective alternative.

Not a lot of folks know that the jawbone that has lost the natural tooth that was affixed to it’ll the truth is begin to degrade.

If you have lost just one tooth or maybe even two, it will likely be easy to understand if you thought you might just leave the gap and that you would soon get used to it.

would you have imagined that this could pose a threat to the health of your jawbone at some point in the future?

Because the titanium root in the dental implant actually fuses with your jawbone this results in in encouraging the growth of the bone and its strength.

Recover self-esteem and self-confidence. With your new replacement implant in place you’ll find a lot of benefits and spin-offs that can help to build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Another choice would be dentures, however this has been discovered to have a damaging effect on the confidence and self-esteem of the patient. Dentures typically bring about problems when eating certain kinds of food. This is made worse when the dentures do not fit effectively. I know of lots of patients who chose dentures who encountered speech issues such as slurring of words or mumbling. Both very embarrassing.

If fitted effectively, dental implants are always stable and fit flawlessly. Whether the crispiest Apple or the toughest peanut, you won’t have a problem. Even though you had a full mouth of natural teeth you wouldn’t be able to improve upon the clarity of your speech.

It’s not tough to imagine that with a smile to be happy with yet again your self-confidence and esteem will be increased.

Once you’ve lost a natural tooth you could find several options available. Decide to do nothing and leave a gap, decide on dentures or in some instances a bridge.

If you consider all of the alternatives the best choice that you can make would be to go for a dental implant.

As long as you look after your implant and with a success rate of over ninety-eight% you can safely expect this to be a solution which will last a life time.

We are able to easily provide you with additional information on Dental Implants, if you’re in Everett WA.