teeth-whitening-teaThe number of adults visiting dentists for teeth whitening has been rising. We all love to have white and stainless teeth. Besides, giving us that “killer” smile, it also improves our self esteem. Unfortunately, our teeth will get stained overtime. This is mostly caused by our lifestyles. Excessive smoking, drinking too much coffee, tea, or red wine stains our teeth. Too much fluorine in water and chewing tobacco also contributes to stained teeth. To restore the color of the teeth, or make the teeth whiter, people go for teeth whitening or bleaching. Painless teeth whitening solutions comprise of the following:

1. External Teeth Whitening

This is the most common procedure used in teeth whitening. The dentist uses a special chemical which usually consists of hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. The substance will remove part of the enamel that is affected by the discoloration. There are two types of external teeth whitening; Office, and Home. In the Office method, the oral care specialist applies a whitening solution and shines a LED light of the affected teeth. In home technique, the dentist makes a special tray for the teeth. A patient will apply the bleach on the tray before putting it on the teeth.

2. Internal Teeth Bleaching

The Internal teeth bleaching technique is also known as walking bleach method. Many a times, teeth get stained from the inside and not from the outside. The staining compounds will reach the inner part of the tooth via the blood vessels or cavities. A dentalologist will apply a special substance or gel in the teeth cavity. This will require a root canal treatment. The gel which normally contains peroxide will soak into the pulp hence drawing out the stains and staining substances. This will lead to whiter teeth that shine from the inside.

3. Treating Sensitivity

Many people have sensitive teeth. They will steer clear of very cold or hot substances. Usually, the hypersensitivity will be felt around the root or even on the enamel. Generally, bleaching or whitening teeth may entail the removal of some enamel. This will certainly increase the sensitivity on the teeth. However, a reputable dental surgeon will offer painless solutions to deal with the hypersensitivity. This may be done before or after the procedure. A good option is usually treating the discoloration from the inside of the tooth. He may also vary the concentration of the bleach so as to remove as little enamel as possible.

Many people succeed in getting white and brighter teeth. However, some will start experiencing pain or sensitivity in the teeth. This will be felt especially when drinking or consuming very cold or hot food and beverages. Usually, this is caused by using a wrong procedure or overdoing it. In so doing, the surface of the enamel gets affected. Such pain or discomfort can be avoided by engaging a reputable and experienced teeth care specialist such as Premier Dental Team. They have been offering top notch services for many years and still remain among the best in the industry. If you desire the perfect set of white teeth, call or visit Premier Dental Team today.